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Martin Biuw

martin biuw

Principal Investigator

Martin is a marine ecologist with 20 years’ experience with marine mammal research. He has led and participated in several research expeditions to polar regions such as the Antarctic, the sub-Antarctic islands, Svalbard and Greenland, and has also undertaken research on marine mammals in the Baltic Sea, the British Isles, the United States and northern Norway. He has published important articles in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, and pioneered the use of animal-borne telemetry devices to monitor changes in body condition of marine mammals while at sea. He now heads the marine mammal research and monitoring program at Akvaplan-niva, specializing in the development of innovative approaches to study marine mammals, particularly in northern Norway and the Arctic.

Fredrik Broms

fredrik broms

Curator of the North Norwegian Humpback Whale Catalogue (NNHWC)

Fredrik is a marine ecologist with a background in marine zooplankton research. He has worked as a marine biologist for many years at the Swedish west-coast, the Baltic Sea, in northern Norway and on Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic and is currently studying the ecology and migratory destinations of humpback whales in the Eastern North Atlantic. In 2010, he took the initiative to start an extensive mapping of humpbacks whales at their feeding stop-over area off the coast of northern Norway during mid-winter and he is the founder and curator of the North Norwegian Humpback Whale Catalogue (NNHWC).

Chris Emblow

chris emblowChris is a marine ecologist with a background in marine benthic ecology and biodiversity. He worked for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee in the UK before moving to Trinity College, Dublin where he was collecting baseline data on marine benthic communities to identify potential areas for nature conservation. Following this he was managing director of an environmental consultancy and he developed an interest in data management, communication and outreach. Since, he moved to Akvaplan-niva and is now part of the communication and outreach section with responsibilities which include, managing and developing project websites and communication.